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Take a look at a few aspects that you must get familiar with before deciding to make an investment in Italy.

Entering and staying in Italy. Being this topic is wide, obscure at times and always sensitive in nature, we decided to let a Featured Article handling it, so to provide sufficient info and explanations to those who are about to cross Italian borders.

Tax Code and the VAT number. As the philosopher goes: “I got a Tax Code, ergo sum”. Before even thinking of carrying out significant business in Italy the wannabe businessperson or company must apply to get a Tax Code. Applications are fairly simple, almost free of charge and practically mandatory. In fact certain transactions will be precluded to those persons and entities who are not in possession of an Italian Tax Code (e.g. real estate transactions, real estate lease agreements, opening bank accounts, setting up companies, and son on). Acquiring a VAT Code may also be necessary in case you want to carry out a business activity in Italy. We have prepared an easy-to-read Feature Article addressing nearly all there is to know on that.

Operating through a power of attorney. There will be many occasions when you will be impeded to personally attend to a meeting scheduled to execute documents or closing a transaction. Italian law allows individuals and companies to grant power of attorney to persons of their own trust. There is virtually nothing – with the notable exceptions of marriage, will and testament, donations and few other specific deeds – that one may not do through the intercession of a legitimate attorney. The powers of attorney may or may not be revocable, may be subject to requirements as to the form and content, may be granted for a single transaction or for many undetermined transactions. Here is another easy-to-read Feature Article that we prepared for you on this topic.

The Anti-Money Laundering laws. Paying or getting paid. There are rules for that too ! On the way one may execute a payment and on other aspects that are relevant to carry out a business transaction a few rules must be known and abode by. Sanctions may be heavy and consequences for getting off track quite unpleasant. So take a look to the Feature Article we prepared and get a glimpse of what we mean.